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Training with ISM

Finally, the date of 01.08.2018 had arrived, our training was beginning. Since we had already had an introductory day in advance, some familiar faces were a welcome sight, and we were curious to see what the trainees and trainers had planned for our first week.

At our seats we found there was already an information folder provided with the programme for the coming days and a lot of other useful information abut the start of training.

After an extensive company tour, we had a safety briefing and various departments made their presentations over the rest of the day.

On Thursday, the plan showed training sessions on IT, products and the telephone system, and the first work assignment in the launch department.

The next day started in the departments again, before going to the team building in the local bouldering centre. There we familiarised ourselves with the hall after a briefing, and then it was time to prove team spirit and master various tasks.

After a final round of feedback, we had a barbecue together and everyone talked about their first day.

Many thanks to everyone who welcomed us, and here’s to great cooperation.

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