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Our brands

Our brands


3 strong brands.
1 shared goal

Each of our brands has its own strategic emphasis and individual character. But they all have one thing in common: all stand for proven safety, innovative technologies and modern design. Our goal was, is and continues to be the satisfaction of our customers’ high requirements for maximum safety and quality. Explore the world of ALBATROS, PUMA SAFETY and FOOTGUARD and experience SAFETY SHOES, WORK & OUTDOOR FASHION at a true professional level.


Quality for more
than 35 years

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Albatros Workwear

ALBATROS is one of the leading German brands in the field of performance safety shoes as well as work and outdoor clothing. All ALBATROS items are designed and developed by an international team of experts in Germany. For more than 35 years ALBATROS has been continually improving quality, comfort, functionality and design. With one goal: helping professionals every day to successfully master their challenges! ALBATROS product categories: work and outdoor clothing, workwear, rainwear, accessories, safety shoes, occupational footwear and hiking shoes, boots.

You can download the current product catalogue here.


at all levels

Puma safety teaser image

Puma Safety

As one of the world’s leading sports brands PUMA takes its place out on the field with the fastest athletes. This is why the PUMA brand is based on values that turn a sportsperson into a genuine athlete. We share these values and since 2002 we have worked in collaboration with PUMA sports High-Performance safety shoes under the PUMA SAFETY label. PUMA SAFETY ranks internationally as one of the fastest growing brands in the safety shoes category.

You can download the current product catalogue here.


protection and function

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For FOOTGUARD safety shoes the name says it all – no ifs or buts. Uncompromising protection and function under the toughest of conditions are the most important features. Offered for the aficionado - strong performance without a lot of trappings.