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If Design Award 2019 - and the winners are ...

PUMA SAFETY Motion - Next Level of Cushioning!

Cushioning, lightness, flexibility – these features not only determine the quality of a modern running shoe. They are also part of the requirements for a contemporary safety shoe. The wearer expects the highest level of comfort, innovative technology and attractive design.

With the next generation of the MOTION PROTECT line PUMA SAFETY has once again got its finger on the pulse of the times. The design-award winning appearance of the safety shoes conceals a whole power package of innovative features and comfort.
The exceptional sole construction with a double-foam IMPULSE.FOAM® midsole in different densities makes the models of the MOTION PROTECT line perfectly suited to long working days with a lot of standing and running. The IMPULSE.FOAM® of the midsole not only absorbs impact forces but also actively releases up to 55% of energy back to the wearer.
This responsiveness of IMPULSE.FOAM® allows for a carefree, steady running motion and helps to protect joints and ligaments.
The non-slip rubber outsole, heat-resistant up to 300°C (HRO, SRC) provides security with every step and is also extremely durable. Just the thing for a hard working day. At the same time, the specially arranged flex grooves in the tread allow for a high degree of flexibility and a natural movement sequence. The 3D diamond structure of the midfoot torsion control provides optimum stability by preventing the foot from twisting in the transverse direction. In addition it helps for working with spades and ladders.
Thanks to the evercushion®BA footbed, the foot is additionally supported in its natural rolling motion. The highly breathable evercushion® foam wicks sweat away and ensures that there is a healthy microclimate within the shoe. The anatomical shape with longitudinal vault support protects the joints and ligaments from injuries.

The high level of comfort is underpinned by innovative upper materials SAFETY KNIT® and FUSETEC®. SAFETY KNIT® surrounds the foot like a sock, providing support without constricting. FUSETEC® eliminates seams, especially in kink areas of the shoe. This makes the shoe light, flexible and robust. The stem is moulded from a single element, giving a sleek smooth silhouette.

And MOTION PROTECT has even more specials ready. On the RUSH 2.0 MID model, a cuff made of stretch material takes the place of the usual dust flap (mono-sock version). This stretchy material provides optimum adaptability with every movement and makes it easy to put on. In addition many models are fitted with a quick lacing elastic system. The wearer thus has perfect shoe security without any worries. All he or she needs to do is tighten or loosen the lock. A great advantage of the quick lacing system is that it distributes lace pressure evenly over the whole foot. In addition, every shoebox comes with a pair of conventional laces.

With the fibre glass toe cap and flexible, metal-free FAP® penetration protection, safety according to EN ISO 20345 is guaranteed. The MOTION PROTECT models are available in safety classes S1P and S3. All models have ESD features and are available in sizes 39 – 48.
All materials of the PUMA SAFETY collection are tested for function and pollutants and will exceed the high safety footwear standards DIN EN ISO 20345.
The market launch introduce a total of 8 new models. Demand is already very high, so the models are available from a lot of specialist retailers.
For the wearer this means: experience your daily work with the next generation of MOTION PROTECT.


Find out more about the MOTION PROTECT line and IMPULSE.FOAM® with anti-fatigue technology here:

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