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Albatros® XTR Trail – Trail inspired. Work ready. All terrain.

ALBATROS® XTR Trail – Trail inspired. Work ready. All terrain.

Workplaces aren’t always covered in smooth tarmac or fine industrial flooring. Anyone who has ever worked on a construction site or in the field knows all too well that these challenging surfaces and environments place huge demands on equipment – and especially on safety footwear. ALBATROS® is proud to announce the launch of XTS TRAIL, a range of safety shoes for the hardest challenges and toughest terrains.

Uneven and partly soft surfaces put a lot more strain on the muscles than smooth surfaces and asphalt, as you constantly have to adapt your step and stride length to the changing conditions. The lower leg and foot muscles have to constantly fight to maintain balance and stability as they adjust to the changing terrain and bumps with every step.

These strains and demands will be familiar to anyone who has ever done “trail running”, a term used to describe any form of running off streets and paved roads, ranging from a relaxed jog on uneven surfaces in the park to ultra-marathons over several stages in the Alps.

ALBATROS® has translated the concept of trail running into the XTS TRAIL range of high-performance safety shoes, featuring excellent cushioning and grip that can adapt to an unbelievable range of underfoot conditions. Their innovative IMPULSE.FOAM® midsole boasts anti-fatigue technology that reacts to every step with a burst of energy. The reactive cushioning and maximum grip in the XTS TRAIL range don’t come at the cost of comfort or flexibility, especially when you need it the most.

The XTS TRAIL rubber sole can withstand up to 300°C, and its specially arranged tread prevents stones and dirt from getting stuck in the grooves while ensuring unbeatable traction on soft, hard, wet and dry surfaces. The rubber toecap on the toebox protects the shoe against wear and tear. Inspired by trail running shoes, the XTS TRAIL range has a lower centre of gravity to ensure more direct contact with the ground. The slightly wider sole structure beneath the heel also helps to reduce the risk of spraining your ankle.

The new range complies with the S3 and S1P safety standards thanks to the highly resilient, asymmetrical and spacious fibre-glass toe cap with good electrical and thermal insulation properties, as well as the flexible, non-metallic FAP® midsole protection.

The newly developed, breathable ALBATROS® comfit® AIR insole is the icing on the cake, adding an extra touch of comfort to the safety shoes. The insole features shock-absorbing elevations around the heel and ball of the foot, as well as a longitudinal arch to support the natural position of the foot in the shoe and stimulate the muscles when walking. The non-slip fabric surface prevents odours, absorbs moisture and can be washed at 30°C.

The range might be characterised by its outdoor style, but the shoes are just as suitable indoors. The ESD features make the shoes suitable for use in industry, where ESD footwear is absolutely essential. They prevent electrostatic charge and discharge (ESD) that could damage or destroy sensitive electronic components.

Thanks to the distinctive design of the SKYRUNNER LOW safety shoes, the S1P footwear is a real eye-catcher in the world of industry and logistics. The FITFRAME® elements have been seamlessly applied to the durable textile to support the foot without restricting flexibility. By eliminating seams, especially in the high-stress kink points, the shoes remain strong and maintain their perfect fit.

When the shoes are launched in March 2018, a total of six designs (two ankle boots and four loafers) will be sold by over 300 specialist retailers. The ULTRATRAIL BLACK LOW, ULTRATRAIL GREY LOW and WORKOUT LOW designs are now available from size 36. The new tailored fit concept with two different last moulds makes this the first range of products aimed at both men and women.

Due to the high pre-sales figures, we’re already looking to expand the range with even more innovative products.