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She works with power – with the new Puma Safety Motion Protect Wns models

The new Puma Safety Motion Protect Wns models combine sporty design and optimal comfort, specially created for the female foot. New materials bring a whole new level of functionality.

“Her next level of cushioning” - following this motto, Puma Safety is launching new models in its “Motion Protect Wns” line - a line a safety shoes specially designed for the female foot. Women’s shoe lasts designed specially for this range of shoes guarantee an optimal fit for female feet. The use of new materials ensures comfortable impact absorption with the same dynamism and stability. Motion Protect Wns models are therefore the perfect symbiosis of shock absorption, energy return and design.

The Motion Protect Wns series is based on an HRO rubber sole (Rubber Sole Motion) that is heat-resistant up to 300 °C and is inspired by the latest technologies used in trainers. Particularly advantageous is the anti-slip profile of the sole with wide diagonal flex grooves and differently shaped studs for ensuring optimal agility while also providing secure contact with the ground (SRC).

The core of this sporty safety shoe range is formed by the 3D Triple Density cushioning concept using the intelligent Impulse.Foam sole technology that reacts to every step you take with a pulse of energy, returning up to 55% of the energy of the step back to the wearer. It additionally provides cushioning, excellent stability and long-lasting comfort.

Intelligent new features, such as the integrated TPU Torsion Control Element, enhance comfort to a whole new level. The torsion control element in the middle of the sole supports the natural rolling motion of the foot and provides more stability.

Three of the four models feature the latest generation of FAP puncture protection made from non-metallic, extremely tear-resistant textile fibers to protect the entirety of the foot from penetration by sharp objects.

The safety shoes in the Motion Protect Wns line feature an anatomically shaped inner sole that can be individually adapted to the wearer's foot, allowing replacement without any loss of safety features. The Evercushion Custom Fit, which is available in three different versions, is designed for narrow, normal or wide feet. An arch support that is adapted to the shape of the foot allows the foot to be positioned naturally in the shoe and stimulates the muscles when walking. The Evercushion Custom Fit Mid for normal feet is included in the safety shoes as standard.

All models are vegan, metal-free, feature a roomy fiberglass toe cap with a low weight and comply with ESD requirements. In addition to three models in safety class S1P made of Safety Knit, the line is supplemented by a model in safety class S1 made of a sandwich mesh.

This line of shoes is made simply perfect by its trendy visual appearance in four fashionable color combinations based around the preferences and desires of our female customers. The shoes look more like sporty trainers than traditional safety work shoes. The “Beat Wns Low” model especially stands out for its distinctive combination of various shades of blue with bright orange accents, while the other three models make use of more discreet combinations.

The entire Puma Safety Motion Protect line will be available in specialist shops and selected online retailers from October 2021.